Western Pennsylvania DEC Membership Overview and Guide

As DEC appointments only happen every two years,  we have made the Western PA DEC Membership Overview Guide available to you as a refresher on your appointment.  Since are DEC appointments are on 4 year staggered terms, we will have half of our DEC member appointments expiring Dec 31, 2021 and will be considering re-appointments and new nominations.  For reference of your appointment cycle, attached is our member contact list that also designates your term appointment.

We want to keep our DEC full of engaged, active professionals from the trade community, and  know that the sum of your demanding travel and daily business schedule of busy international business professionals, that qualifies you as a DEC member, also limits your support time to DEC efforts.  However, to fulfill the DEC mission, engagement with the U.S. Commercial Service and at least one of the DEC activities, is integral to maintaining a viable DEC.  There are more ways to contribute to our DEC beyond just attending our DEC meetings, such as participating on the Western PA DEC Trade Policy/Legislative Affairs Committee, led by Jack Adams (Jack.Adams@kuraray.com ) or the Western PA DEC Website Committee, led by Damon Claus (dclaus@castusglobal.com).   You can also get involved on the national level with the National Association of District Export Councils committees of Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs, Outreach & Education, and Communications.

Western PA DEC Membership Overview Guide 2021