Western Pennsylvania DEC Members

Gary Carver DEC ChairThe Executive Committee

Mr. Gary Carver
Carver International

Expertise: International Shipping and Intermodal Logistics, Export Documentation, Small Business Management and Operation

The Executive Committee

Vice Chair
Ms. Debra Steiner
NW PA Field Director
Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Expertise: Strategic Planning, International Business Development, International Logistics, Small Business Management

The Executive Committee

Mr. Les Dutka
Dutka International

Expertise: Translations, Cultural Operations of Overseas Business, Small Business Management and Operation

The Executive Committee

Executive Secretary
Ms. Lyn Doverspike
U.S. Commercial Service – Pittsburgh

Expertise: Strategic Planning of Export Market Growth, Federal Resources for Trade Development, and International Marketing

Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs Lead
Mr. Jack Adams
Executive Director of Government Affairs
Calgon Carbon a Kuraray Company


Expertise: Environmental Technologies, Government Affairs, Sustainable Development, Manufacturing

Mr. Dan Adams
Managing Director of U.S. Export Sales UPS
Expertise: International Sales Strategy, Global Supply Chain Solutions, Small Business Management and Operation

Mr. Donald Bonk
Project Consultant, Office of Govt Affairs
Carnegie Mellon University
Expertise: International Business Development, Economic Development, Government Affairs, Public Resources

Mr. Jim Burd
President & CEO
Preservation Technologies, L.P
Expertise: Foreign Government Procurement, International Business Development, Small Business Management and Operations

Mr. Gregory Chambers
Director of Corporate Compliance
Oberg Industries Inc.
Expertise: U.S. Export Controls (Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)), Establishing Corporate Trade Compliance Programs, Apprenticeships

Mr. Greg Clarke
VP of Business Development
Integrated Dispense Systems, LLC
Expertise: International Business Development, Smart Technology Product Integration

Mr. Damon Claus
Chief Executive Officer
Expertise: Global Business Development, Supply Chain and Production Management, Demand Planning

Ms. Susanne Cook
Director, Chair of International Business Group, 
Cohen & Grigsby, P.C.
Expertise: International Law (Germany, Europe, China, Canada & Mexico), U.S. Customs & Export Controls, International Contracts & Terms of Sale

Mr. Shawn Cupples,
Vice President, International Business Development
GNC, Inc.
Expertise: International Business Development, Finance & Accounting, International Franchising

Mr. John Hindman
Sr. International & Public Affairs Advisor
Expertise: International Protocol & Policy, International Marketing, Training & Development Programming

Mr. Vincent Gasteb
Vice President Government and Corporate Affairs
Allegheny County Airport Authority
Expertise: Government Affairs, Aviation Industry, International Partnership Development, Target Marketing

Mr. Patrick Findle
Senior Program Manager
Gas Technology Institute (GTI)
Expertise: International Business Development, Energy Sector, Team Leadership & Development

Mr. David Huddleston
International Business Development Manager
FORTA Corporation
Expertise: International Business Development, International Marketing, Human Resources, Productivity

Ms. Lori Joint
Vice President
Manufacturer & Business Association
Expertise: Government Affairs, Marketing and Communications, Training and Programming

Mr. Yenner Karto
Senior Vice President, Head of Int’l Banking & FX
First National Bank
Expertise: International Banking & Trade Finance, Sales and Business Development, Financial Risk Management

Mr. Jim Matharu
Senior VP Enterprise Services
Aquatech International
Expertise: International Business Development, Sub-Saharan Region, Environmental Technologies

Ms. Rachel Mauer
German American Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh
Expertise: Linguistics & Culture, International Government Systems, Germany, Apprenticeships

Ms. Rose Morris
Abram’s Nation
Expertise: Entrepreneurship, International Business Development, Product Development & Manufacturing, Nonprofit Formation

Dr. Josephine Olson
Professor of Business Administration Katz Excellence in Service Fellow
University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School of Business College of Business Administration
Expertise: International Economics & Managerial Economics, International Business Flows

Ms. Lisa Pitell
Legal and Compliance Officer
Acutronic USA, Inc.
Expertise: International Legal Compliance, U.S. Export Controls (Export Administration Regulations (EAR), International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) & National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA))


Mr. Gerard Pompa
Senior Vice President/Division Manager, CSD
Compunetix, Inc.
Expertise: Information, Communications & Technology, International Business Development

Ms. Mary Richter
Schneider Downs & Company Inc.
Expertise: International Tax Planning & Accounting, Multinational Manufacturing Accounting, Cross-border Transaction Planning, Transfer Pricing

Mr. Eric Sauereisen
Sauereisen Inc.
Expertise: Small Business Operation & Management, International Business Development & Sales

Mr. Edward Schick

Expertise: International Finance, Trade Financing Programs, International Business Development, Latin America

Dr. Richard Somiari
President & Chief Scientific Officer
ITSI BioSciences, LLC
Expertise: Small Business Management & Operations, International Business Development, Bioscience-  Particularly DNA & Forensics, ISO Certification

Mr. Charles W. Watson
R.L. Swearer Company, Inc
Expertise: Small Business Management & Operations, International Shipping & Logistics, Customs Procedures & Documentation, International Product Classification

Mr. Nick Zosky

Expertise: International Business, International Logistics, Import and Export Compliance, Trade Compliance Program Development