DEC Initiatives


The Western Pennsylvania DEC support U.S. government initiatives and efforts to promote U.S. exports.

As part of its mandate to work for Pennsylvania exporters, the Western Pennsylvania District Export Council supports U.S. governmental initiatives and efforts to promote U.S. exports, level the playing field, and protecting U.S. companies.  The Western Pennsylvania DEC also serves as an advocate for Pennsylvania exporters through its Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs Committee, which helps to inform congressional representatives and policy makers of issues and concerns that impact Pennsylvanian and U.S. exporters.

U.S. Government

Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs

The U.S. government, through the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, and the Office of U.S. Trade Representative works to expand opportunities for U.S. companies, protect U.S. companies from unfair trade practices, and develop trade agreements that provide better access to foreign markets.  For more information on current U.S. government initiatives, click here.

The mission of the Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs Committee is to identify, support, and promote the trade policies of the U.S. that will result in an increase in U.S. exports, enhancement of the competitive position of U.S. exporters, and improvement in the U.S. balance of trade.  To learn more about the committee and to find out how you can contact your congressional representative to make you voice heard on important trade issues, click here.

Success Stories

Pennsylvania has a vibrant exporting community which sell Pennsylvanian made products around the world each and every day.  The Western Pennsylvania DEC and its partner, the U.S. Commercial Service, work to provide meaning support to Pennsylvania exporters, from trade education events, international business development consulting, to trade shows and missions.  Click here to see examples of how this support has made a difference.